“Engagement Ceremony”

“Engagement Ceremony”… Engagement ceremony is also said as “Betrothal”. It is a formal agreement between soon to be spouse, It is a duration between marriage proposal and marriage. The wedding is the formal ceremony that makes the marriage official. One this day, both the partners exchange rings. A symbol of devotion and an agreement between two parties to love and cherish one … Read more

!!…White wedding…!!

The word white itself states purity and prosperity. Colors have different meanings and a white wedding gown symbolize stability, security and lifelong loyalty. White is associated with “Light, Goodness, Innocence, Purity, and Virginity”. It is considered to be the color of perfection. A Church is a place where the bride and groom were used to get showered with full of … Read more

Love marriage versus Arrange marriage

As we all are parallely diagonally comes to this world. We all need each other to be loved. People are together on the basis of trust, loyalty and understanding that’s called Relationship. We all are so busy in our lives that we can’t give the valuable time to the deserving once.

Something I want to say

Love is a feeling and emotion that we express through words or actions. Marriage is martial status which is converted from being single to marriage. “Love Marriages is Whenever we trying to find out the relationship between love and marriage both seems to be synonymous. Love is a dream and marriage is a reality. And when both dream and reality comes together it is the best thing that can happen to a person. We don’t see caste, religion, custom not even complexions in Love marriage, Just love the person more than anything.

Why others decide our life decisions,But in India we smoothly goes with it..?? Arranged marriages is a marriage arranged by others than those who are getting married. Families choose partners based on compatibility, culture, upbringing. They focus on issues that will foster a loving and fruitful relationship that will last a long time. So when a man or woman comes of marriage age, people around the community act as headhunters getting a man and a woman together if seeing they are fit for each.”

Sumping up to above lines, Arrange and love marriages both occurs ending ; If and only the situation doesn’t goes in the right way. We are trying to put down to each other instead of understanding and making efforts to hold the relationship.On other hand if you really goes ending up of small misconstrue then “Dude! You are just Living in the relationship , not feeling the purity of togetherness as you fully came a long time with your partner”.

Few tips to go with Love marriage

  • Love the “person” Not the “looks”.
  • Do small possible things to warm your relationship.
  • Never hide anything related from your life regime.
  • Make sure to sort out, support when you messed up.

Few tips to go with Arrange marriage

  • Keep simple and under-stable promises to each other.
  • To Build a bond give more time to spend by your partner that You chosen with respect to your family.
  • Look positively on partner and notice little things on him/her.
  • Both need time to build up the mindset,so be patience and try to give space and quality time.

Here’s few thing to keep the relationship healthy

  • First important thing to save relationship is Trust and compatibility.
  • Maturity and honesty is highly in need.
  • Efforts to be taken from both the sides.
  • Bind each other with more care and reality.
  • Guts to save the relationship till the end (Try to rid problems).

After all this norms I would like to tell my personal perception on Love

and Arrange marriage, “Marriage is when You are seeing love marriages turning

into Arrange marriage” This comes to the mature level perception.

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