Beauty of Bride’s hands



In our Indian tradition, Mehandi has been practiced since ancient times, because Mehandi is an integral part of the woman beauty, without which every ritual is considered incomplete. Only then, with all our festivals, Mehandi is also used in the occasion of marriage. Often you must have seen that the wedding of bride and groom in the wedding ceremony at our wedding is definitely worth it. The handmade frozen is not only a blooming color but also a part of our culture. It is considered a symbol of our coming happiness, so it is very important to take it at the time of marriage. It is believed that the blossoming of it comes as much as the bloom of our house. At that time, the color of the Mehandi is seen in the hands of every bride, how deeply its color descends. Where there is a custom of applying a henna in the whole hand of the bride, the groom is also appointed as a henna. Then, as a shagun, a small vaccine of henna should be imposed.

The formation of a henna in the hands of the bride and groom is considered to be a symbol of love and affection between her family and her family. The deeper the color of the henna in the hands of the bride, the relationship between husband and wife will remain intact. It reflects the unbreakable love of both. The color of the Mehandi in the hands of the bride and groom remains on both hands, the same is considered the auspicious sign of the happiness of both the lives of the people. Saying in the hands of bridegroom The color of the henna, the more color it comes, its love remains deeper towards the husband and he also gets a lot of love for his husband as well as in-laws.

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