“Engagement Ceremony”

Engagement Ceremony

“Engagement Ceremony”…

Engagement ceremony is also said as “Betrothal. It is a formal agreement between soon to be spouse, It is a duration between marriage proposal and marriage. The wedding is the formal ceremony that makes the marriage official.

One this day, both the partners exchange rings. A symbol of devotion and an agreement between two parties to love and cherish one another for the rest of their days. Ring is in circular shape and symbolized other as they are committed. Your wedding ring should remain closest to your heart.

“Once the engagement is done, the count downs starts for the wedding days”..!!

Many Feelings arises during engagement:

  •      A nervous feeling arose when you’re at the stage of committing something big deal.
  •      Soon to be Spouse, they have a responsibility and security policies.
  •      Many liabilities is to be taken.
  •      Some girls hesitate to be the part of another family.

Things to wear on engagement ceremony:

  • You should wear a new dress whatever color you please to your engagement party.  Some wear white, and some brides enjoy standing in the spotlight in white dress. However, others may feel more comfortable wearing a color or print dress.
  •  Mehandi is also another important thing to wear or made in Girls hand.
  •  A pair of new footwear.
  • Some traditions or ethnic jewelries.

The Average gap of engagement is 5-6 months before an Official wedding. Both the parties which are soon to hold up the relationship gets time to do preparation for the Wedding day. They shares ideas and plans for many rituals and see management of the wedding ceremony.

A Getting engaged is an once-in-a-lifetime experience that will fundamentally change your relationship forever.

Tips after Engagement:

  •       Try to communicate well with your in-laws family members.
  •       Secure your big stuff first (e.g. your location, guest list, and dress), then take a month-long break and enjoy being engaged before you resume planning.

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