Pre Wedding


“The phase full of happiness”

A Pre celebration for bride and groom before getting into vows and that’s the time to get ready to welcome your most awaited days. So, Basically Pre-wedding is all about shoots & creating memories.

What if, you are getting closer and closer to your love!!
Wow!! “The most wonderful feeling in the world”

All we need a place to meet and create memories, and this memories is captured by the photographer. A pre-wedding shoot is when the soon to be newlyweds head out with their photographer to a location of their choice to capture some.

Firstly it helps me (the photographer) really get to know the spouse that have in trusted me to capture their day .Having been given this big responsibility,I feel i owe it to my spouse to do everything.I can ensure that on the day I am not adding to their anxiety, so the best way to help them relax is by showing them exactly what to expect before the big day and this is where the pre-wedding photo shoot really proves to be so valuable.

I constantly hear brides say “I hate having my picture taken” or  “I’m not very photogenic.” Some brides may even be worried about how a certain skin condition or facial scars may turn out in the best glimpses.

Solutions to the above situation:

  • Be a Candid poser, Not every time focusing on camera tells about you.
  • Go to the pleasant and lonely place where nature calls.
  • Girls! must carry their skin friendly makeup kit.

Tips to Plan Pre Wedding:

  • There’s always a way to make your celebration merrier within the budget in Pre-Wedding.
  • Hire to the most creative, perfectionist and reliable photographer.
  • Select your comfort location where you don’t have to add artificial scenes.
  • Choosing a outfit according to the location.
  • Must able to understand the photographer’s need like Poses, Styles, etc.

!!……Thus then,Have wonderful and grand Wedding…..!!

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