“Same sex wedding”

same saex wedding


Are you willing to read something new transitions of the so called modern wedding?

Are you in the favor of independence regarding ones life?

Are you one amongst those who are so fascinating in terms of changes?

So folks introducing you one of the most emerging and trending style of wedding – THE LESBIAN WEDDING

Lesbian wedding (also called LESBIAN or GAY wedding) was first legally started in 2001 in Netherland.

since then it is continuously establishing in the various parts of world including Canada, south Africa, Australia and many others.

But in INDIA it is still ILLEGAL to marry people of same sex.

But WAIT everything is not finished here; After declaration of section 377 of Indian penal code (IPC)


People of same sex can have relationships together, live together because Indian SC has opened all the doors of same sex relationships by 6 September,2018 except legal court marriages and civil partnerships.

NOW coming directly to point, Is it right ?

Below are some of the points you may consider regarding this topic :-

  • Various developed countries across the world have partially or fully legalized this. And stats show they are one of the happiest countries of the world.
  • In ancient times the first culture to adopt same sex wedding was roman culture ; and roman culture don’t need any introduction for their influencing in medieval period.
  • If democracy is part of constitution and human civilization so choosing one’s Life Partner is not a democracy? ;  Or they are not human beings?

If wedding is for happy future of people ; So why not people are free to choose there life partners? And if they are not allowed to marry someone who they wish to , then how can they be leading happy life after marriage.

The same sex wedding have very interesting preparation plans and also ceremonies. 

So after all circumstance, If , are allowed to marry their same sex partner then there comes bunch of questions in people’s mind

Like , who is bride or who is groom?  Do they practise different traditions?

What is the perfect place for them to get married?

Relax don’t worry I am here to clear all your doubts

Heading towards first question:-

So if you are consider the role of bride and groom by just seeing their outfits; then its purely a misconception because No one is assigned to play the role of bride or groom . In Fact they are free to wore dress what they want.

To be straight forward all the rituals performed by lesbian couples are totally dependent upon their own choosing. Yes there is some similarity between there rituals and common ones but in terms of overall wedding it is slight different.


So in terms of place and ceremonies everything is common in regards of their religion .

Now finally we can conclude that it is also a common type of wedding which we see in our daily life except the couples. So what do you think about same sex wedding ? Its legalization in India and also in other part of world?

Must comment your views.

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