!!…White wedding…!!


The word white itself states purity and prosperity.

Colors have different meanings and a white wedding gown symbolize stability, security and lifelong loyalty. White is associated with “Light, Goodness, Innocence, Purity, and Virginity”. It is considered to be the color of perfection.

A Church is a place where the bride and groom were used to get showered with full of blessings. Main reason is they want some witnesses during they recites owe to each other.

White Wedding gown is worn by the bride on this auspicious day. She looks so beautiful in this dress because as we know, white color is considered as to be the color of perfection.

Brides wear white gown, why..??

Because white is the sign of purity and innocence. One should wear white for their body calmness and relaxation perspectives.

White wedding also counts with flower and their petals. Mainly in white wedding the event planner goes with lavender or white lily to enhance the beauty of the wedding. White is the theme thou!!

Why Brides carry flowers or bouquet..??

A bunch of flower itself smells so good make us feel fresh and happy. The main reason behind that is Brides should carry it for sweet smell as well as to ward off the bad spirits.

Some Important things to be noted:

  • Veil used by bride in White Wedding:

    Veil is basically a cloth to conceal the face. In white wedding, veil is wore by the bride. The main reason of veil to show that groom only wants to marry his bride.

  • White cake in White Wedding:

    After gathering of crowd for white wedding and Bride & Grooms arrival, They featured with large white cake and have a celebration by cutting of cake.

  • Ring Bearer:

    A ring bearer is a person or attendant, who carries a White Ring for the ceremony; which is again an Important part of the White Wedding.

“Hence, Its splendid and pleasant to have a White Wedding. As When we are

attending it, we are the part of such a wonderful and grand wedding. Shower

your Good Wishes”

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